‘What We Do in The Shadows’ Star Harvey Guillén in talks to Join ‘Blue Beetle’

blue beetle harvey guillen

Not too long ago, we reported that Blue Beetle is set to begin production soon, as it seemingly was eyeing to potentially kick-off early 2022. We have not heard much on the rest of the casting outside of its titular star Xolo Mariduena. Luckily, the wait has come to an end, as Deadline is now reporting that What We Do In The Shadows star Harvey Guillén is currently in talks to join the upcoming DCEU film in a key role. Sadly, they won’t give away who he is playing as the story remains under wraps.

Jaime Reyes is the third and most popular character to take on the mantle of the Blue Beetle. This iteration started fighting crime after a Blue Scarab of alien origin attached itself to his back. It allows him to manifest exoskeleton armor and multiple types of weapons, which includes sonic emitters and energy cannons. It remains unknown if the mentor and previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord will make an appearance in the film, but DC Fandome concept art may have hinted at his involvement.

The film was previously set to be one of the first exclusive DC films for HBO Max but a while back had its release strategy switched up. The studio instead decided the film would better fit a theatrical release instead of direct to streaming. Blue Beetle is set to be directed by Angel Manuel Soto, best known for his work on the HBO film Charm City Kings with a script from Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The film is currently set to hit theaters on August 18th, 2023.

Source: Deadline

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