Zack Snyder Starts Production on ‘Rebel Moon’ With First Set Photos

rebel moon production

There’s been a lot of excitement for Zack Snyder‘s next project for Netflix, as he is taking a break from a zombie-filled world to embrace a space opera. What was originally pitched as part of the Star Wars franchise has now become its own potential franchise started titled Rebel Moon. The Justice League director took to Twitter to share that they’ve not only started production on the project but also included a few set photos teasing what they’re up to on the first day of production.

What naturally sticks out is our first look at Djimon Honsou, who is in a piece of armor that was teased with some artwork for the series early on. We can see that they are filming in a desert with a tease of the interior of whatever their flightcraft is that’ll bring them from one planet to another. Going by the wound and sand on his face, he likely ends up in a battle once arriving on this desert planet.

We’ve gotten a few teases on the film’s story, as it’ll take some inspiration from the classic Seven Samurai film to follow an unlikely group that has to face off against the biggest threat they probably have no chance to defeat. It’ll be interesting to see what Snyder brings to the film with his usual style and flair, especially with the backdrop given for this project. Perhaps some Star Wars references also still managed to stick in the story as a nice nod to what almost was.

Source: Twitter

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