Latest ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Image Offers a Closer Look at Mantis’ New Design

love and thunder mantis

We’ve known for a while that Thor: Love and Thunder would continue where Avengers: Endgame left us off. Thor is out of shape and joining the Guardians of the Galaxy on whatever mission they find themselves. It’s still unclear what exactly their role might be in the sequel, but the first trailers have teased that they’ll be struggling a bit with their Asgardian member doing his own thing.

We got a good look at the cast in the last trailer and the Guardians had a prominent part. Now, a few new images have found their way online that tease Thor and Jane Foster’s new look. Yet, we also got a new and closer look at Mantis’ design, which is once again played by Pom Klementieff. We don’t know how much she’ll be featured and if she’ll have the same costume in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but it looks like most of her design has remained intact from previous entries.

It’s definitely not as green as previous films were, but it does seem like the lighting of this scene is hinting that her hair has gotten a bit more green. Star-Lord is also featured with his new beard, which seems a bit Thor-inspired. He’s wearing a much bigger version of his iconic jacket, but we know he’ll wear some more comic-accurate costumes in the upcoming sequel as revealed from a few set photos. So, who knows for how long we’ll still see Chris Pratt in a variation of his iconic red jacket moving forward.

Source: Total Film

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