6 Alternate Earths from the Comics We’d Love to See in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

A new rumor suggests that the events of 2026’s Avengers: Secret Wars might revolve around certain key alternate universes within the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. If true, it’s likely that it’ll be on a much larger scale than the universe hopping done by Doctor Strange and America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as it’s been compared to the time heist plot device in Avengers: Endgame. Given the infinite number of choices, we thought we’d whittle it down to a half-dozen from the comics (some popular, some not so popular) that would make for interesting stops on the way!

Earth-1610/Ultimate Universe

This one certainly seems like a no-brainer. The most well-known of Marvel Comics alternate universes, a visit to Earth-1610 could be a highlight reel moment for fans. The original home of Miles Morales and an evil version of Reed Richards known as The Maker (both of whom should be long-term characters in the MCU), the Ultimate Universe has already provided a great deal of inspiration for the MCU and could and should continue to be mined for some of its fantastic concepts (just don’t have the Blob eat Janet). Time Runs Out, 2014’s Secret Wars precursor, featured Earth-1610 and Earth-616 paired up in the Multiverse’s final incursion with Earth-1610 taking the L. Interestingly enough, as Marvel Studios prepares its mutant takeover, it may look to dip into the alternate history of Earth-1610 where the mutant genome was an accidental side effect of continued Super Soldier experimentation and Avengers: Secret Wars might give us our first glimpse at that idea.


The Squadron Supreme have been rumored to show up in multiple projects over the past several years but have yet to enter the MCU. Avengers: Secret Wars offers the perfect chance to remedy that and introduce the Justice League analogs as defenders of their Earth, Earth-712. A villainous version of the Squadron appeared in Squadron Sinister, a tie-in to 2015’s Secret Wars event, and that would make for an interesting twist should they want the characters to be a one-and-done. Such a one-and-done might also make it possible to cast every member of DC’s Justice League in their analog roles for a good laugh, should The Feigster be so bold.

Earth-9997/Earth X

Created by Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger in 1999, Earth-9997 doesn’t need to be a place the heroes of Avengers: Secret Wars visit for long; it just needs to be there to realize some of the greatest character redesigns ever into live-action in what’s probably the only chance Marvel Studios will have to do so. Marvel Studios has already tapped some of Earth X’s potential by introducing the concept of a Celestial growing inside of a planet in Eternals, so it’s possible they could revisit some of the other unique concepts from the different runs in that universe, like the wild designs of the Inhuman Royal Family.


Like Earth-9997, Earth-311 is one that only needs to be visited for a brief time to bring one of the more enjoyable alternate Earth’s to the MCU. Courtesy of the legendary Neil Gaiman, Earth-311 reimagines Marvel’s Silver Age heroes living in the year…1602. Steve Rogers, Matt Murdock, the witchbreed (mutants) and their teacher Carlos Javier, Peter Parquagh and more inhabit an alternate Earth with a very different set of origins.


Home to the very popular version of Gwen Stacey known as Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider, Earth-65 also has a Peter Parker who turned himself into the Lizard and a Matt Murdock who went from being one of The Hand’s deadliest assassins to becoming the Kingpin of crime in New York City. This is a place where a little cooperation between Sony and Marvel Studios could introduce a live-action version of Spider-Gwen, a character around whom Sony might make a film worth watching.


It simply must be done in live-action! Marvel Studios has already introduced this Earth in Season 1 of What If…? and is currently developing a Marvel Zombies animated series. Throw a couple of redshirts on a trip to Earth-2149 and push the limits of PG-13 for a few scenes. Zombies are still cool and an trip into the Zombieverse could allow Marvel Studios the opportunity to introduce some alt versions of some old characters (make RDJ’s return worth his time) or some brand new characters who haven’t been met yet…in zombie form!

With so many alternate Earths to explore, including a dozen or more that could be counted as existing as a result of films like Blade, Ghost Rider and Daredevil that were made before Marvel Studios, Avengers: Secret Wars could be a wild ride should Waldron choose that path!

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