Stephen Amell Making Green Arrow Return In ‘The Flash’ Final Season

It seems like it’s pretty hard to keep Oliver Queen buried. Stephen Amell, cousin of True Jackson, VP star Robbie Amell and the actor responsible for bringing Green Arrow to life on television since 2012, has taken to his social media to confirm his return as the famed archer for The Flash‘s ninth and final season. He joins a slew of surprising comeback players in what’s looking like the end of an era for The CW’s slate of live-action DC properties. Javicia Leslie, whose Batwoman series was unexpectedly canceled after three seasons, will also reprise her role as Ryan Wilder in the last episodes of The Flash.

Amell teased the news on his Twitter account, posting a GIF of his character and Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen from an earlier season with the caption “Of course I’m coming back.” He followed this with an Instagram image of himself on The Flash set with Gustin, saying, “When Barry calls…Oliver answers…”

The last time fans saw Amell as Queen was in the Arrow series finale, where the hero perished for – what viewers thought – was the last time. It’s not currently known what kind of role Queen will play in the last Flash season, but his return does not necessarily mean he’s playing the same Oliver that died in 2020’s Fadeout. The CW shows are notorious for their exploration of alternate worlds and timelines, and Amell has already played multiple versions of his protagonist across several series. A 2022 tie-in comic revealed there was a living variant of Queen on Earth-Prime, so perhaps that’s who Amell will end up appearing as.

A statement from The Flash executive producer Eric Wallace gives the final word on why the decision was made to bring Amell back for one last ride:

As soon as our final season was announced, we knew we wanted Stephen to come back and reprise his iconic role as Oliver Queen. After all, it was Oliver who originally launched Barry Allen on his heroic path.

Eric Wallace

Source(s): CBR, Twitter, Instagram

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