7 Characters/Teams Ready to Join The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

The finale of Loki saw an infinite number of timelines break free from the Sacred Timeline. Infinite branches (we think) mean infinite possibilities for new characters and their stories to be told across the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. The Multiverse has existed in the comics for over 40 years and there are hundreds of characters and dozens of stories that have already been told. Here are seven that are ready to join the MCM.

The Beyonder

Who Is Marvel's Beyonder And Battle World? – Comics Talk News and Entertainment Blog

Perhaps no one character is more synonymous with the idea of the multiverse than The Beyonder. THE Beyonder is one of a race of incredibly powerful beings who can shape reality at will. THE Beyonder is essentially a child by their standards and, like a child, became sort of fascinated by toying with lesser beings…humans. The Beyonder is sort of a big deal in Secret Wars circles and since it seems like that’s where the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse is headed, it shouldn’t be long before we see him or his people (who happen to have a connection to another member of this list).

Captain Britain

The Captain Britain Corps Has Been Reborn in Marvel's Universe

Over the last 13 years, the inspiration for the MCU has seemed to lean heavily in certain creators’ directions at times. As Charles Villanueva detailed here, we’ve seen heavy doses of Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and more in the first 3 phases. We’ve gotten a pretty good dose of Mark Gruenwald this year. Now it may be Chris Claremont and Alan Davis‘ turn to see their creations move from the page to the screen. The multiverse means other Earths and other realities and in the comics it is the job of each reality’s Captain Britain to protect it. All realities converge in the pocket dimension known as Otherworld where, occasionally, the Captain Britains from each reality meet as the Captain Britain Corps. We’ve had a Braddock tease in the MCU already and now that the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse is here, it’s time for Claremont, whose seminal X-Men run should also find its way to the MCU eventually, and Davis to shine!

The Exiles

Exiles': A Look Back At Marvel's Reality-Hopping Heroes | Marvel

A team consisting of an ever evolving roster of heroes plucked from different realities, the Exiles seem about as sure a thing as any to make the jump from the comics to the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. While the initial team was comprised of mutants from different realities, other teams have included non-mutant heroes like Spidey and a Captain America and even Valeria Richards from a reality where she found her self with the powers of both her parents. The Exiles could be an awful lot of fun as a Disney Plus series and seems just like the kind of team Marvel Studios would be keen to get in the MCM sooner rather than later as they could have several seasons without ever using the same team, allowing them to introduce dozens of characters if they chose.

The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal Confirmed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

We first heard the character’s name in Doctor Strange and, we think, saw his head in the Void in Loki, so maybe it’s time we finally meet The Living Tribunal. One of the most powerful Cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe, The Living Tribunal is tasked with keeping the mystical side of the multiverse in balance; in that way, he’s like a Master of the Mystic Arts for the multiverse. That’s great because it means the seeds for understanding what his job is have already kind of been sewn in the audiences heads, meaning we’d need less exposition and, hopefully, get more action. It makes a LOT of sense for this character to make his debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man: 5 Must-Read Miles Morales Stories | Complex

No character on this list would make thousands if not millions of fans, including myself, happier. A Spider-Man from another Earth that took on the mantle after witnessing the death of Peter Parker, Miles Morales is already well-known thanks to Sony’s animated hit, Into the Spider-Verse. 3 Spider-Men in Spider-Man: No Way Home already seems like a lot, so 4 would seem like overkill, but you can’t argue that the road has been paved for Miles to make his way to the MCM; all Sony and Marvel Studios have to do is walk down it together.

Molecule Man

Molecule Man (Origin) - Comic Basics

Jonathan Hickman loves nothing more than reinventing Marvel Comics characters (well maybe he likes drawing diagrams and writing appendices more, but it’s close) and his reinvention of Owen Reece, the Molecule Man, was nothing short of genius. During his Avengers run that lead to Secret Wars, it was revealed that a Reece existed on every alternate Earth and that their death would result in that Earth’s premature destruction: Reece was a multiversal constant linked to the existence of his world. Reece is also one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse, with the power to manipulate and reshape matter at the molecular level and the ability to reshape and project energy at will. The new Marvel Cinematic Multiverse gives the Molecule Man a chance to step into the spotlight.

The Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme (Team) - Comic Vine

A group of heroes that seem awfully familiar to DC’s Justice League, the Squadron Supreme hail from Earth-712 where they served as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Despite being JL analogues, the individuals on the team actually end up being pretty interesting in their own rights and if we’re doing alternate Earths, I can think of no better team to bring to the MCM. They were rumored to appear in the first season of Loki and while that didn’t happen, fans can hold out hope that with the multiverse opened up, we might see them in Season 2.

With new Earths come new story telling possibilities. Let’s hope the story tellers love some of these characters enough to get them into the MCM.

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