Ben Affleck Compares Working on ‘The Flash’ to ‘Justice League’

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The upcoming film adaptation of The Flash has slowly evolved into the center point of the DC Extended Universe’s multiverse. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will somehow meet up with various incarnations of the popular vigilante Batman. We know that Michael Keaton will have a considerable role in the film, but Ben Affleck will also make his grand return in the role of Bruce Wayne.

Of course, he famously moved away from the franchise after the turbulent production on Justice League after Zack Snyder left the project. We only got teases of his Batsuit from set photos, but never a direct sighting of Affleck. While silent on his exact role, Variety lucked ou stand got a chance to ask him how it was like working on the film. In the interview, he ended up also opening up about how it compares to his previous DC project.

[The Flash] was a really nice way to revisit that as the prior experience had been difficult. This was really lovely. Really fun… I had a great time… I love Ezra and I had a chance to see Jason [Momoa], who’s over there making ‘Aquaman [and the Lost Kingdom].

Ben Affleck

There’s been a lot of hope he can revisit his original Batman pitch before he ended up moving on from the project. While it’s exciting to see Matt Reeves bringing a gothic touch to the series, but there’s always curious about what Affleck‘s version would’ve looked like. A positive experience could interest him in giving it another chance. So, we’ll see if its success may kickstart a separate Batman franchise to exist alongside Reeve‘s adaptation.

Source: Variety via ComicBook

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