New ‘Wakanda Forever’ Merch Offers Closer Look at Comic-Accurate Ironheart Armor

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Many were surprised when the first look at Ironheart’s armor in Riri William’s first live-action debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever looked nothing like her original comic armor. With her sweet to have her own Disney+ series in the near future, it would’ve made sense to build up to the more comic-accurate design. At least that was until a new merch leak revealed a more comic-accurate design.

While it was a shame that it was spoiled instead of kept as a surprise during Wakanda Forever‘s theater run, that has become the norm when it comes to merchandise early releases. Still, the design looks great and stands out even though many worried it be too close to that of Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man armor. It also seems she’ll use some new types of weaponry at her disposal as first seen in the images shared by @CeeOfCreativity on Twitter.

We’ve technically never seen the weaponry that she’d rely on and it seems we shouldn’t expect a copy of the arc reactor-based attacks like the Unibeam. She’ll likely make use of what Wakanda has to offer that’ll also help her more quickly develop the armor. So, we’ll likely see different test versions throughout the film until she gets the final design.

It does open up the question if the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series will act as a prequel, or if she simply doesn’t have the right energy source to keep this armor going for a long period of time. So, she tests out other types of armor to have other options at hand, or perhaps she’s one of the reasons that Armor Wars‘ storyline kicks off with her actions in the sequel.

Source: Twitter

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