REPORT: Another Name Surfaces as a Candidate for DC Films’ Kevin Feige

According to a new report, Greg Berlanti, known as the creator of the CW’s DC Arrowverse, may be a candidate for overseeing DC Films.

The uncertainty and unease surrounding the future of Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC Universe seem to be growing by the day. As has been widely reported over the last week, new WBD CEO David Zaslav has been busy making a series of drastic alterations to the company’s film slate. Batgirl, along with several other potential projects, received an unexpected axing, and most things in development are potentially on the chopping block.

Before the current upheaval, David Zaslav announced that DC is one of their highest priorities. On top of the announcement that DC would be becoming its own studio within the company, Zaslav has confirmed that they’ve put a team together to run said studio and have put together a ten-year plan, mentioning outright it is similar to what Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have built over at Disney. No word has been made on what exactly this “10-year-plan” entails and it’s unknown if WBD will announce a slate anytime soon.

Still, plenty of discussion has erupted about who could possibly be the “Kevin Feige of DC”. According to a report from Variety, one name being considered is TV producer Greg Berlanti, who “has been loudly whispered as a possibility for the role.” Berlanti is known for his work as one of the key architects of the CW’s DC Arrowverse, which included ncluded shows Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Superman & Lois. The Arrowverse featured many classic DC heroes and held several crossover events over the years, so Berlanti’s experience seems on par with what DC Films needs.

However, the report noted that no official discussions between WBD and Berlanti’s team have occurred, and apparently trade reporting insiders think he would not be interested in the role. Another potential candidate mentioned by Variety’s report is producer Dan Lin, whose credits include IT, The LEGO Batman Movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, and the failed Justice League movie that George Miller was preparing in 2009. But Lin is reportedly not interested in the role either.

Whoever ends up as the Feige of DC will be faced with high expectations set by Feige himself at Marvel Studios. It will be interesting to learn who WBD eventually selects for the role, though with all the seeming turmoil in the DC TV and Films, it is unclear when this person or 10-year plan will actuall come to fruition.

Source: Variety

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