‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Concept Art Teases ‘X-Men’ and ‘Chaos War’ Characters

Thor: Love and Thunder has come and gone, but it hasn’t left the mainstream conversation. The fourthquel was responsible for introducing audiences to many exciting new locations, many of which will be discussed for years to come. Perhaps the most visually pleasing was Omnipotence City, a glorious meeting place for gods of all pantheons and the site of the film’s most colorful sequences. The locale was also popular with fans for it’s many intriguing cameos and godly designs. Marvel Studios artist Sung Choi recently took to Instagram to reveal some design work he completed for the film as part of the “early exploration” process for Omnipotence City, and it features quite a few faces that could fill the same category of shock and awe.

Among those present appears to be Cyttorak, the deity that famously powers X-Men villain Juggernaut through an ancient artifact known as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Seated next to him is what looks like a version of Galactus, the infamous world-eater who plagues the Marvel Universe on a regular basis, and Ganesha, the real-world Hindu god of intellect and wisdom. Also present are what could be Aegis, the golden Lady of All Sorrows, of Marvel’s Proemial gods, and what looks like a Mandalorian from the Star Wars franchise. The latter could be a fun reference to director Taika Waititi‘s time on the hit Disney+ series.

Curiously, the largest god seated all the way at the top of the throne room is incredibly similar in design to the comic book version of Ajak – leader of the Eternals. It’s possible Ajak was at one point considered as a cameo to tie-in with Marvel’s Eternals film, and this art was produced before Salma Hayek landed the role. Finally, on the right, fans will be able to spot two major characters from Thor lore who actually did end up making the movie’s final cut. Hercules, played in the post-credits scene by Brett Goldstein, is drawn sitting beside a god who looks like Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the malevolent Japanese Chaos King who acted as a the villain of Greg Pak‘s Chaos War arc, a story in which Hercules and Thor team-up to defeat them. It’s important to remember this art was likely devised before anything was set in stone for the project, and Choi likely threw in random gods to get a better feel for how the throne room should look. Either way, it’s still fun to speculate.

Source: Instagram

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