‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Heading to Disney+ in January

black panther 2 disney plus

There were some concerns that Disney would try to get Black Panther: Wakanda Forever out on Disney+ before the holidays hit. While Eternals managed to wait out until January, there was still some uncertainty about just how long they’ll keep that release window alive. We’ve seen Marvel Studios manage to move away from the initial 45-day Disney+ release with each project, such as Thor: Love and Thunder managing to hold out for 62 days, and luckily Wakanda Forever wasn’t forced out to enjoy the holiday box office.

Yet, it seems that a January release is indeed still in the cards, as Disney+’s Support Team has seemingly confirmed a January 20th release for the Black Panther sequel on the platform. As such, the Marvel Studios film won’t release on the streaming platform after 70 days of a theatrical run; good news for those wondering if we might see Disney enforce that 45-day window moving forward.

As of now, Wakanda Forever stands at a strong $818M international run, where most of its income stems from the domestic box office at $437M. The film faced many hurdles such as losing its main star Chadwick Boseman, having to rewrite the entire project, and living in the shadow of the unique project that was the first entry back in 2018.

It’s not going to pass a billion or even $900M but its box office isn’t something to just ignore either. The film made its money back and held quite steady at the box office with another good year for Marvel Studios. It’ll only be interesting to see how its streaming numbers will be when it releases on Disney+ later this month.

Source: The Direct, Hollywood Handle

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