Blue Sky’s Canceled Nimona Film Picked Up by Netflix

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Here’s an interesitng surprise. Infamously, when Disney shut down Blue Sky, it was revealed they were working on a film titled Nimona. The film was in the middle of development when they shut down the studio, but it turns out that it lives after all. ND Stevenson took to Twitter to not only confirm that the film is back in production, but also that it’ll release in 2023 on Netflix. It was inspired by Stevenson‘s webcomic which he started in college. So, it’s great to see them manage to revive the project.

Not just that, but the tweet also includes our first look at its titular character and the overall visual style that the film will use. It looks like it’ll remain a 3D animated project with some 2D flourishes, which has been becoming a dominant style to create unique visuals for each project. Chloe Grace Moretz will take on the titular role and is joined by Riz Ahmed and Eugene Lee Yang.

Originally, the film was announced all the way back in 2015 but was delayed multiple times. When Bleu Sky was canceled, it was already finished around 75% and supposedly, there was some pushback from Disney due to the LGBTQ themes of the story. So, it’s great to see such an important story see the light of day after all. Netflix continues to become a safe haven for these canceled projects, as it adds another project that was left behind by another studio.

Source: Twitter, Polygon

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