‘Moon Knight’ Episode 2 Cameos Connect to the Lemire-Smallwood Run

If Moon Knight has proven anything, it is that it can hide easter eggs and cameos as well as any other MCU installment. Previously, we have seen a Frenchie reference and Crawley cameos in the first two episodes, and there are several potential hints at Marc Spector’s third alter from the comics, Jake Lockley. Another set of cameos came in Episode 2, and unlike the others, these come from one specific Moon Knight comics run. Could the cameos be a hint at what is to come in Moon Knight, or are they just nods to a very popular Moon Knight story?

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’

The two police officers that come to Steven’s flat and later reveal themselves to be working for Arthur Harrow are listed in the credits and being named “Bobbi” and “Billy”. In the poplar Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood run, Billy and Bobby are orderlies in what appears to be a mental instutition that Marc Spector finds himself in. They work for the hospital’s Dr. Emmet, who is later revealed to be some sort of incarnation of Ammit. The Lemire-Smallwood run is very heavy on Moon Knight’s psychological instability, so it constantly jumps between different “realities” that Spector experiences, making him (and the reader) question what is or is not real. The visuals can accordingly be rather trippy, and Billy and Bobby sometimes appear with jackal heads rather than in human form.

Does this mean anything for Moon Knight? It is always possible that the series might continue to take inspiration from the Lemire-Smallwood run, and the psychological and reality-questioning nature of the live-action series so far certainly carries some of the essence of that Moon Knight comics arc. Still, Moon Knight has so far not adopted virtually any major aspect of the run. The fact that Billi and Bobby are clear cameos from that specific story is interesting, though, as they are not characters with deep Moon Knight history like the other cameos the series has offered. Only time will tell if the writers used these cameos as a way to tease the future of Moon Knight, or if they were simply a fun way to reference the comics.

The first two episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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