Bob Chapek Teases More Adult-Oriented Content for Disney

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As Disney further continues into the era of Bob Chapek serving as their CEO, more changes to the creative structure of the company appear to be on the way. It looks like one change that the head of Disney would like to see further discussed is for the company to broaden its programming into more adult-oriented content. Chapek went on record on the topic in relation to the company’s history of leaning more toward family-friendly content while talking with The Wall Street Journal.

I want to respect what this brand is. But at the same time, I know that we may be even more precious about what is ‘Disney’ than the consumer base is. If the consumer base has more elasticity, we probably ought to listen to our audience, which means we have more degrees of freedom than we probably thought.

Bob Chapek

This new direction from Chapek flies in the face of the old mentality of Bob Iger, his immediate predecessor. Ultimately, a shift to including more mature content would be a relatively rare concept in the history of Disney as a company. In terms of whether this will be an effective creative business strategy, it will of course come down to the quality of the projects themselves. The concept of making R or TV-MA-rated content has often been a false equivalence to “high quality” to some fans. For instance, a project like Andor has successfully been covering many serious themes in a mature way without pushing the needle toward a more explicit rating.

It will be interesting to follow if this loose edict will have any effect on future Marvel Studios projects. As of now, the only true “adult-oriented” content on the way from them includes Deadpool 3’s theatrical release in 2024 and the Marvel Zombies animated series heading to Disney+.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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