Howard Stern Supposedly Involved With ‘Doctor Doom’ Project for Marvel Studios

Today in the strangest news ever. Howard Stern has seemingly hinted that he’s involved with a Marvel Studios project. He openly confirms it involves Doctor Doom. There’s no word what role he has exactly and if it is focused on Doom, or he’s simply involved in some capacity.

It’s curious to say the least and if they are filming this summer, perhaps it’s a hint that they’ll include the character in the form of a cameo. Perhaps Howard Stern will be filmed reporting on Latveria which will be our first reference of the character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Perhaps they are starting work on the Fantastic Four film that’s still actively looking for a director. Besides the announced Thunderbolt film, this would be their second villain-focused project if it is a unique one. For now, we can speculate but it definitely is a curious one.

Source: Twitter

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