Arlyn Reviews ‘BAYMAX!’

I always am so excited when Disney releases a new project because they never fail to entertain me. Their latest project, BAYMAX! has done just that. In 2014 (when I was 6), Disney released Big Hero 6, a movie about a robot named Baymax and a group of heroes saving their city, San Fransokyo. Baymax started out as a personal healthcare companion and was designed to help people in need; however, he ended up being a superhero. BAYMAX! returns the character to his intended purpose and the result is one of the year’s best feel-good projects.

This show isn’t only hilarious it’s also very heartwarming which is one of the many aspects I like about it. Baymax is loveable here not only because he helps random people but also because he is very funny. As runs around San Fransokyo helping everyone, he heals not only their injuries but also helps them face their fears. And when Baymax finds himself in need of a helping hand, the show reminds us just how important good deeds can be.

Almost everything Disney produces seeks to teach a life lesson to the audience. This show is no different in that regard. At the forefront is the fact that if you are kind to others, others will be just as kind to you. Baymax helps all these people without them asking, and then they all help Baymax.

The series really shows who Baymax really is and it also shows us all who we could be if only we all had someone there for us like Baymax. It’s definitely the kind of show that needs to be out in the world and remind us all how important it is to be kind.

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