EXCLU: Clint Barton Set to Lose His Hearing in ‘HAWKEYE’

We’ve all been waiting for some kind of news regarding the upcoming Hawkeye show. We still don’t know who is playing Kate Bishop even though She-Hulk and even Moon Knight were just recently cast. Still, we may have a minor detail that could further tie the show to the Matt Fraction run. In a recent casting sheet, we saw a variety of side characters being looked for to join an untitled production that started in November. There was one interesting giveaway that connects it to the archer’s upcoming Disney+ show.

They are actively looking for a middle-aged Chinese audiologist, who works in a rundown building and is off-the-books. Now, many fans of the archer might know that he is actually deaf and uses hearing aids. He destroyed his eardrums after using a sonic arrowhead on a villain. So far, it didn’t seem like Hawkeye had that issue in the MCU, well, at least until now. There is a good chance that in the show he makes the same mistake and is forced to use old contacts to get in touch with the audiologist.

This casting also could hint at the story featuring the famous archer on the run at some point. There is also a chance that the audiologist could turn out to be someone who treats Echo, who is also deaf in the comics. She was deaf from an early age so it could be someone she visits for a check-up. The casting also includes an elderly lady, or man as well as an Eastern European kid. These could turn out to be other patients from the audiologist. Still, it’ll be interesting how they approach Clint’s loss of hearing if they do go that direction.

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