‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Chapter 11 Primer

We can all agree that Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian, “The Passenger”, left us with something to look forward to. The episode left some unfinished business between Din Djarin and his new friend, the lovely frog lady. According to our frog lady, the eggs that she has are the last of her line and she needs them to hatch, so she made the Mandalorian promise to deliver her eggs so they can hatch safely. As we know, the Mandalorian doesn’t make promises he won’t keep, so we can probably think that he will deliver the eggs to where they have to go: the estuary moon of Trask.

The trailer that was released on September 15th definitely left some hints to the next episode including the one above which is probably one of the first shots of Chapter 11: the Razor Crest limping towards what appears to be a water planet (we know they are headed to an estuary moon, so yeah, a water planet). If we watch closely in the trailer, at exactly 45 seconds there is a frog man standing next to our frog lady. Who could this be you ask? It’s almost a sure to be frog lady’s husband! This means that the eggs have a good chance of being fertilized and hatching (unless Baby Yoda eats more of them!). Also the trailer shows a mysterious lady standing near the docks before vanishing. This character, played by Sasha Banks, and at this point, there seem to be two leading candidates for who she’s playing: Sabine Wren (who was first introduced in the show Star Wars Rebels) or Bo-Katan (who first appeared in Clone Wars Season 4). We have no evidence backing up which one she is playing but both Sabine Wren and Banks both have colorful hair, so maybe this is a clue. It is very much of an “out there” guess, but it still could be.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Depending on how things go with Banks’ character, there are quite a few possibilities as to how thing could go. If Banks’s character is the “bad guy of the week”, she might kill the frog people while attacking Mando, leaving Djarin to deliver the eggs and keep his promise to keep them safe. We’ve also seen Djarin and the Child come across many helpful strangers along the way, so it’s possible she will help the Mandalorian on his journey to find others of Baby Yoda’s kind.  Will Banks’s strange, new character turn out to be friend or foe? What it will be? We’ll find out tomorrow when Chapter 11 streams on Disney Plus!






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