Star Wars’ ‘THE MANDALORIAN’: Who is Bo-Katan?

Ahead of The Mandalorian’s season 2, we give quick introductions to characters that have yet to debut on a live-action Star Wars project, but that most likely will show up on the Disney+ hit series in the coming weeks.

During the Clone Wars, Mandalore, the homeworld of the Mandalorians, was ruled by Duchess Sarine Kryze, Bo-Katan’s sister. Not happy with her sister’s pacifist beliefs, she decides to join Pre Vizsla, the governor of Mandalore’s moon Concordia, and his Death Watch, that sought control of their planet to restore Mandalore’s warrior heritage. By doing so, and since Pre Vizsla had also made a pact with Darth Maul, she ended up helping to set in motion the events that lead to her sister’s demise.

After Vizsla managed to successfully assume control of Mandalore, he turned on Maul, which leads to a death duel between the two. With Maul emerging victorious, killing Vizla, he would now be wielding the Madalore symbol of power: The Darksaber. Refusing to accept an outsider ruling over Mandalore, she escaped, but her sister, a close friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi, was murdered by Maul as he tried to lure his nemesis to deal with him once and for all. Bo-Katan manages to help Kenobi escape and then turned to both him and Ahsoka Tano for help in defeating Maul, their common enemy, and the Mandalorians that were still loyal to him. They eventually get behind her and support Bo-Katan’s Mandalorian forces as they regain control of Mandalore’s capital city, Sundari. The Republic took control over Mandalore to ensure a peaceful transition of power, but with the rise of Emperor Palpatine and by refusing to follow the Galactic Empire, Bo-Katan lost her position as Regent of Mandalore.

A couple of decades later, while wielding the Darksaber once again, alongside rebel and fellow Mandalorian Sabine Wren she was able to destroy an Arc Pulse Generator, an Imperial weapon that managed to incinerate whoever was wearing an armor made out of beskar. She regained the trust of several of Mandalore’s clans, uniting them under a single banner. After the Great Purge, that saw the Empire coming into conflict with the Mandalorians, stripping them of their beskar, Moff Gideon managed to take possession of the Darksaber, and Bo-Katan’s fate remains unclear.


For more details regarding The Mandalorian season two aswell as other Star Wars projects, check out the dedicated feature focused on the future of the Star Wars Universe.

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