‘Black Adam’ to Top Box Office for Second Weekend

‘Black Adam’ is expected to top the box office for a second weekend over a box office weekend.

With a quiet Halloween weekend ahead, Black Adam looks set to top the box office for a second weekend. Only one other film will be released wide this weekend as Lionsgate is set to release Prey for the Devil, giving the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson film room to dominate at the box office.

The movie opened to an okay $67 million last weekend. In its second weekend, the film is expected to earn another $28 million to $31 million, which will help it to surpass $100 million at the domestic box office. Should those numbers hold, that would put its decline in line with Shazam!‘s. While Prey for the Devil is projected to debut to $7 million or $8 million. The movie is set to play in 2,900 North American locations over the weekend. With the exception of Halloween Ends, horror films have been overperforming at the box office. Depending on word of mouth, it is possible Prey for the Devil overperforms – much like Barbarian and Smile.

Of course, Prey for the Devil will also need to beat out the Julia Roberts and George Clooney-led Ticket for Paradise. As of now, that movie is projected to take in another $8 million to $9 million over the weekend.

Source: Variety.

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