‘CANDYMAN’s Tony Todd Voicing Venom in Insomniac’s ‘SPIDER-MAN 2’

spiderman 2 venom

PlayStation’s latest showcase finally unveiled Insomniac’s sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man. It gave us our first look at Venom and even teased the appearance of another villain, whose monologue could hint at Kraven the Hunter’s inclusion. In an official PlayStation blog, the developers also revealed that the voice we heard in the trailer was the original Candyman, Tony Todd voicing the symbiote.


It’s the first official casting we have for the game, but there was no word on who was the second voice before we get our glimpse at Venom. Still, Todd is an incredible choice who is famous for lending his unique vocal performance to a variety of evil characters. He famously played the evil version of The Flash in the CW’s second season, which was one of the few highlights.

As the game won’t release until 2023, we might not get any more updates on it until the next year, but it’s promising to know more is heading our way. The game will act as a sequel to both the 2018 original and its spin-off, or rather midquel, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There’s no word what other villains will join, but the first gave us the Sinister Six and they might try to top it with the next entry.

Source: PlayStation

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spiderman 2 venom

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