Netflix Unveils ‘Godzilla Singular Point’s King of Monsters Design

godzilla design

Around four months ago, Netflix unveiled that they are working on a brand new anime focused on Godzilla. The series will follow after their last adaptation, the Godzilla: Planet of Monsters film trilogy. In the announcement, we got a small glimpse at the design of the titular King of Monsters. They pulled in some heavy hitters, as his entire look is created by the legendary Ghibli animator Eiji Yamamori. The first tease already showcased quite a bit of detail that is going into the iconic design. Now, after a long wait, they unveiled our first look at his complete design. They also revealed that Yuji Kaneko colored this design to finish off his iconic look.

I love the design. It feels like a combination of Toho’s classic with some influence from 2014’s American incarnation. His body shape is interesting, as they went out of their way to make his legs and tail massive. The design makes it look like he is part of a Ghibli film, which makes me wonder what a Ghibli film would look like made by Hayao Miyazaki. I love the design, so I am curious to see him in action. Godzilla Singular Point will also feature the work of Blue Exorcist’s Kazue Kato for the human characters. We did get a trailer last year that teased this design in action. It also confirmed that the monster designs are all going to be in 3D. It is certainly turning into a must-watch for any Godzilla fan out there.


Source: Twitter, YouTube

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