First Look at Venom and 2023 Release Confirmed for Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man 2’

spiderman 2 venom

It’s been a long wait but we finally got our first look at the Spider-Man sequel. Right after they revealed our first look at a new Wolverine game, they dropped a teaser trailer for Spider-Man 2. It’ll release 2023 and it also includes our first look at Venom in the trailer.

The trailer starts off quite simple with both Spider-Men taking on some goons. Yet, the curious voice-over hints at someone finally finding a foe they’ve always wanted to face. It seems very likely this is Kraven the Hunter. It fits his usual story of seeking the ultimate hunt and he also seems to have an accent, which might mean they’ll stick to his Russian origin.

Overall, the Venom reveal is great. They’ve teased his future in the franchise in both the 2018 Spider-Man game and Miles Morales. It’s quite surprising to get a full face reveal for the character rather than teasing it purely through the voice. Still, it’s a great surprise, and the 2023 release date was one of the few in the entire showcase. So, the wait won’t be too long luckily unlike other projects.

Source: YouTube

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