Chris Evans Nearing Deal to Return as Captain America

chris evans captain america

Avengers: Endgame felt like the ending for many iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Natasha Romanoff is getting a prequel film, it looked like Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers ended their story arcs. It certainly seemed that the actors were ready to find some new projects outside of the Marvel Studios’ staples. It looks like we might’ve been wrong, as it seems Chris Evans is nearing a deal to return in a future Marvel project. He would return as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, for at least one project with the potential of joining a second film as well. Deadline does point out that it most likely is similar to how Robert Downey Jr. returned in various projects, such as Captain America: Civil War or Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This reveal is a massive surprise after Evans did tease he was passing on the torch. The ending of Endgame certainly showcased the title of Captain America getting passed on. There is also the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier series that builds upon that revelation. A while back, Charles Murphy got the scoop on a potential Nomad project being in development. In a way, they could use this storyline to tell what Rogers was up to during his time after hanging up the title after the Civil War events. That, of course, would require him to have a larger role than mentioned. If he still is in early negotiations, it would be possible he would like to explore storylines left open after all.

It seems to be hinting that he’ll most likely be involved with a film rather than Disney+ series. Still, if Evans is open to returning, there might be no limitation to where he might show up again. They could also explore Roger’s time returning the various Infinity Stones. I would still love to see a confrontation between him and the ghastly Red Skull, who is stuck on Vormir. There is also the question of if he may appear as a senior in a potential Young Avengers project. At this point, anything is possible. Whatever he may decide, it is great to see Evans interested in returning once again.

Source: Deadline

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