First Look at Kevin Smith’s ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Revealed

kevin smith masters of the universe

It looks like more classic cartoons from the 80s are making a return, as Entertainment Weekly finally gave us our first look at Kevin Smith‘s adaptation of Masters of the Universe. It’ll be released n two parts with the first premiering July 23rd. The series will be titled Masters of the Universe: Revelation and see the return of Prince Adam, who is voiced by Chris Wood. Skeletor will be voiced by Star Wars and voice-over veteran, Mark Hamill. It’ll continue the tale where the original left off with the help of Castlevania’s Powerhouse Animation. The first images have found their way online with Smith sharing his enthusiasm for this new project.

Everything I’ve ever worked on in like 27 years, this is easily in the top five of my favorite, most satisfying projects. When I die, they’ll be like, ‘He made Clerks, remember?’ ‘Cause that’s the most memorable thing I think I’ve ever done. I think this has a running shot at being like, ‘He made Clerks and that one cartoon that one time.


They’ve also announced the addition of Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, Alicia Silverstone tackling the role of Queen Marlena, and Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man. The original Skeletor, Alan Oppenheimer, will also return to the series but this time as Moss Man. Smith has also confirmed that his goal is to expand the lore and explore new aspects of these iconic characters through the sequel series. They also aimed to raise the stakes in interesting ways, but don’t expect an Invincible level of blood.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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