Clark Gregg Teases Coulson’s Return in Next ‘WHAT IF…?’ Episode

what if coulson

Some time ago, we finally got the confirmation that Clark Gregg will make his grand return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the animated series What If..?. There has been no confirmation when we might expect him, but it looks like it might be sooner rather than later. The actor took to Twitter to tease his appearance in the next episode set to release this Wednesday. He’ll join Nick Fury and Black Widow, who take center stage in this entry. While not an outright confirmation, he hasn’t shared any of the other posters. Plus, this episode seems to take place around Iron Man 2 going by various trailers and the posters, which he had a big part in.

The episode is the perfect choice for Coulson’s return, as the posters confirm this is the adaptation of Fury’s Big Week from the Avengers prelude comics. We heard some time ago that it will get inspired by Agatha Christie that could end badly for our favorite heroes. As there’s still some time before the episode premieres on Disney+, we might get a trailer teasing his return tomorrow to promote the latest entry.

What If…? reinvents the way we look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise continues to grow in new ways, as we explore the multiverse that was unleashed in Loki. We started the first animated series by exploring a different version of Captain America: The First Avenger before we witnessed a timeline where Yondu accidentally picked up T’Challa instead of Peter Quill. We’re only three episodes in and there’s quite a bit more heading our way that may continue to challenge our expectations in new and interesting ways.

Source: Twitter

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