“Conan The Barbarian” Series in Development at Netflix

A new live-action adaption based on Conan The Barbarian has been put into development over at Netflix. The project is currently on the hunt for a writer or showrunner. The project is currently being developed by Frederik Malmberg and Mark Wheeler from Pathfinder Media. This is planned to be the first of many projects developed from Netflix’s deal with Conan Properties International. Netflix now has full access to its library for any form of adaptation. Sadly, it is unclear to say how long this will be stuck in early development limbo. Netflix has a habit of greenlighting projects long before they even enter pre-production. It will be interesting to see which stories they will adapt from the character.

Conan The Barbarian was created by Robert E. Howard. He also is the mind that brought us Red Sonja, Thulsa DoomSolomon Kane, and Kull of Atlantis. Its been nine years since the last time we saw the character on screen. He was played by Jason Momoa at the time. Most might fondly remember the 1982’s Conan The Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The character has seen a lot of success through comics and games. He even made recurring appearances in DC comics fighting alongside Wonder Woman. Amazon actually tried to develop a drama series two years ago. Currently, it is unclear how far in development they got before Netflix purchased the rights. It is great to see the character get another chance at a live-action adaptation. The character has a rather deep history and lore that would be worth exploring in its own franchise.

Source: Deadline

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