Minecraft Steve Joining ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Modern fighting games have become famous for their addition of 3rd party characters. Tekken 7 shocked the world by adding The Walking Deads‘ Negan. Mortal Kombat has focused on additions from horror films like Alien, Predator, or Jason. There is one franchise that became the epicenter of video games’ past. Super Smash Bros. has added many iconic video game icons that made it stand out among the fighting game crowd. The latest addition was Min Min from Arms, so many were hoping one of the many requested characters would be added next. Now, after a long wait, we finally find out who will be the latest addition.

Of all the franchises, I did not expect Minecraft to be added. There are many favorites that people are hoping for like Crash, Sora, or Spyro. Yet, it is hard to deny how popular Minecraft is as a franchise. We only got a brief teaser of the character and he seems pretty in line with what you would expect. You can play as different skins from the game. Players can wear the skins of Steve, Alex, a Zombie, or an Enderman.

They also stuck to the game’s animation with the rather blocky movement. You also seem to have access to a variety of tools ranging from carts, TNT to regular dirt blocks. It will be interesting to see how you can use the building mechanic to get an advantage int he game. Sakurai even pointed out they had to rework existing stages to include material to build on. We will get a full reveal trailer for the gameplay in two days, so we have something to look forward to.

Source: YouTube

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