Disney+ Netherlands May Hint at a June Release for Daredevil & Co. in Europe

disney plus daredevil

Only a few weeks after the Marvel Netflix series left their original service, they found. new home on Disney+. Yet, international viewers sadly missed out as some select markets didn’t receive the update. Some believed that it could be due to the Star branding becoming the go-to for most of Marvel’s more mature offerings like Logan or Deadpool. So, we’ve been anxiously awaiting any news on when we might expect these series. Luckily, it seems that a new e-mail from Disney+ Netherlands, as shared by Twitter user @heli5m, hints that the Netflix series are getting a June 29th release after all.

When we first learned about the Disney+ series getting added to the service in the US, it came through an e-mail provided by Canadian subscribers. It’s unsure why exactly there’s such a delayed release for specific markets, as they also have access to the Star branding. There’s a chance that some song licenses had to be renewed for those markets, or there were some aspects of the international markets that made the complete transfer of the rights a bit more complicated.

We can’t fully take this as a confirmation, but it is our first hint at a release within those markets that has been sorely lacking. When the first news dropped for the US release, there was radio silence on their expansion, especially with something that seemed like an easy thing to release worldwide. Still, we might get an official trailer or announcement in the near future to confirm.

Source: Twitter

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