RUMOR: Laura Donnelly May Be Playing Elsa Bloodstone in the Untitled ‘Werewolf by Night’ Halloween Special

mcu elsa bloodstone

It’s still weird to think that Marvel Studios has already started work on their Werewolf by Night Halloween special but still hasn’t officially announced the project in any capacity. The Disney+ special will see composer Michael Giacchino take on directing duties for the project. It has gone silent since, as Marvel Studios tries to keep as much a secret as possible. Yet, a new rumor seems to hint that actress Laura Donnelly, famous for her work on The Nevers, has joined the project in a role that comic fans will be happy to hear about.

It was in January when we learned that she joined Gael Garcia Bernal in the series, who will play Jack Russell or the famous Werewolf by Night. At the time, she was believed to be Russel’s niece Nina Price who was a vampire and werewolf hybrid. Now, Cosmic Circus is reporting that she may be playing a different character altogether. According to them, she’ll play the famous monster huntress Elsa Bloodstone, a popular character fans have been hoping to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point.

It does beg the question of which one of the two rumored characters she might end up playing. We have to keep in mind that the Halloween special currently has no official title and Werewolf by Night was simply attributed due to the lack of one and it focuses on Russel. So, we might get a better picture once they do officially announce as the project is currently still eyeing a release this Halloween. Bloodstone does make a good choice as we start to explore the darker, Universal Monster-inspired side of the universe and it’ll be interesting to see if the special is also there to set up the seeds for the Midnight Sons moving foward.

Source: Cosmic Circus

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