‘Creed’ Spinoff in Development

MGM is officially developing a ‘Creed’ spinoff with ‘Drago’ from the ‘Becoming Rocky’ writer.
creed spinoff

A new Creed spinoff is in the works. The Wrap has revealed that screenwriter Robert Lawton has been brought on by MGM to write a spinoff titled Drago. The spinoff will focus on Dolph Lundgren’s Drago, as well as his son, Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), who appeared in the second Creed film. Further details regarding the film are unknown at the moment.

Lawton previously wrote a spec script titled Becoming Rocky that focused on the making of the first Rocky film. That script would later go on to be one of fifty to win a Nicholl Fellowship in 2021. After MGM execs read the script, they were impressed and ultimately gave him the job.

Lundgren briefly teased a Drago film in an interview with THR last year. The actor mentioned that there was talk about a spinoff focuses on his character over at MGM, but nothing had been set in stone at that point. Now that the project has been officially announced, it’s likely the studio will move to look for a director in the coming months.

The news of the Drago spinoff comes as Rocky and Creed star, Sylvester Stallone, has been vocal about trying to retain some of the rights to the franchise. Last week, the actor took to social media to express his frustrations with producers Irwin Winkler and his son David Winkler. The actor felt he deserved some ownership of Rocky, noting that he had “zero ownership” of the character despite creating and writing on all six films. Stallone has since deleted his posts calling for rights to the franchise, so it’s unclear if a deal has since been reached.

A third Creed film recently wrapped production and saw leading man Michael B. Jordan step behind the camera as the director for the threequel. That film is slated to hit theaters on Nov. 23rd, 2022.

Source: The Wrap

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