‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Starts Off 2022 Strong Passing $600M Domestically as ‘The Matrix Ressurections’ Falls Behind

no way home 2022

Well, this is certainly a way to start off the year. Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to push through even as uncertainty remains with the Omicron variant potentially putting a halt to any film’s momentum. Still, just a week ago the film passed $500M at the domestic box office and has now already managed to swing past $600M. It’s a motivating start to the New Year for many theater owners and Hollywood, but not everything has been rosy at the domestic box office.

The Matrix Resurrections and The King’s Man have been struggling at the box office. The latter managed to outpace the former, which may be attributed to the simultaneous release on HBO Max. It only managed to nab $3.8M over the entire weekend, which puts it at $31M and far out of range for a potential $100M domestic release. The latest Matrix entry was overtaken not only by Matthew Vaughn‘s latest entry but also American Underdog, a film about NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.

Still, the family-focused Sing 2 was a shining light as it held on to the second spot with $19.6M. It’s made $89.8M in 14 days, it’ll reach the benchmark faster than Disney’s Encanto, which only managed it now since its initial release over Thanksgiving. The big test will be how The Batman performs in March to see where 2022 is heading.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

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