RUMOR: Olivia Colman May be Playing an Iconic Comic Character in ‘Secret Invasion’

secret invasion olivia coleman

We’ve long been wondering what to expect from Secret Invasions. There’s a lot of talk surrounding the project, especially with its Skrull invasion potentially putting everyone’s identity on the line. Who knows if the people we’ll follow are human or Skrulls? For now, it seems that a new report by Illuminerdi may offer a little insight into who one character is playing, Olivia Colman.

According to their sources, Colman will take on a gender-swapped version of Union Jack. There are currently three versions of the character,e and it’s unclear if they are sticking to the recent version of Joseph Chapman, who had a run-in with the Skrulls. There is also James Montgomery Falsworth and his son Brian Falsworth. Perhaps she’s a gender-swapped version of Falsworth, which would keep the door open for the mantle to be passe don potentially at one point in the future.

It’s great seeing more international characters get adapted, and it’ll be interesting to see if we explore their shared history as fellow agents. Perhaps Fury and this gender-swapped version of Union Jack share quite the history that’ll help add to the suspense of when they can’t trust anyone anymore. We’re definitely interested to see how they tackle this project and especially toy with us from week to week, as we start questioning who is and isn’t part of the invasion.

Source: Illuminerdi

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