Disney Has Confirmed Certain Marvel Movies Will Receive IMAX Signature Sound by DTS

It was announced on Wednesday that Disney Streaming, IMAX Corporation and DTS are partnering to give some Marvel films an upgrade on Disney+.

Get ready for some serious audiophile sound improvements, Marvel fans! According to an announcement made today by Disney Streaming, IMAX Corporation, and DTS, a bunch of Marvel movies are set to get a major audio boost. The films, which were not specified, will now feature IMAX Signature Sound.

Disney+ will be introducing a new way for subscribers with certain devices to experience select films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more, with the expansion of IMAX Enhanced technology on the platform in 2023. This follows the recent decision to make IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio available for a selection of films. The IMAX signature sound by DTS will enhance the viewing experience for fans at home, offering a specially calibrated, high-quality picture and sound experience that mimics the IMAX theatre experience.

“We’re excited to roll out the next evolution of IMAX Enhanced technology on Disney+ in the coming year. This unique collaboration extends our long-standing relationship between Disney and IMAX and we look forward to delivering this new immersive audio experience alongside premium playback quality for current and future titles to our audiences around the world”

Jerrell Jimerson, Executive Vice President of Product, Disney Streaming

“We’re thrilled to bring audiences an even greater cinematic experience in the home and beyond as we roll out the next phase of IMAX Enhanced on Disney+. We can’t wait for fans to experience more of our cutting-edge, unparalleled sight and sound advancements across the entire IMAX Enhanced collection on Disney+, with more titles soon to come.”

Vikram Arumilli, Senior Vice President and General Manager

The IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio, which provides a screen size of 1:90:1 and up to 26% more screen space for certain scenes, is already available on all Disney+ supported devices. IMAX Enhanced signature sound by DTS will also be added to certain titles. Disney+ is the first major streaming service to offer IMAX Enhanced and it will allow subscribers to re-experience the MCU in a new way. It is suggested that more titles, including Pixar and Star Wars movies, may also be offered in IMAX Enhanced in the future.

Source: Comicbook.

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