‘Agents of SHIELD’ Star Reignites MCU Return Rumors With New Instagram Post

chloe bennet mcu

There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ future projects. Especially the upcoming adaptation of Secret Invasion has been the focus given its topic of exploring a world infiltrated by the Skrull. A story exploring agents trying to figure out if the person next to them can be trusted opens up many possibilities, especially with a project focused on the spy aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, when spies are involved it becomes a hot topic if it also means many more SHIELD agents from the comics could make an appearance. Not just that but also the possibility of seeing actors return from the ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., especially Chloe Bennet who played the Marvel character of Daisy Johnson or better known as Quake. Rumors went wild on her potential return to the franchise and a new post may have reignited just that.

Bennet has taken to her Instagram account and shared a rather simple group of photos. Yet, she seemingly put some daisies in her shoe, which has led to many in the comments believing that she may be subtlety hinting at her potential return to the franchise.

Of course, it’s not really a confirmation of any kind but it’s definitely a fun little tease by the actress even if it’s simply to pay tribute to the role she played during the Marvel TV era. Whatever may come from it, it definitely may spark some fun in once again revisiting the series and theorizing on how she might arrive in the MCU, which could be similar to how they handled Charlie Cox‘s return as Daredevil.

Source: Instagram

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