‘Werewolf by Night’ Star is Ready for More Marvel Horror

werwolf by night sequel

Marvel Studios had an exciting year with various projects exploring the different corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the biggest surprises was their first Special Presentation Werewolf by Night as long-time composer Michael Giacchino takes on the director’s role to give us the MCU’s first true horror entry.

Inspired by the pulpy Hammer and Universal monster movies, it gave us a very unique and standalone project. It introduced us to the MCU’s take on Man-Thing, its leading star in Gael Garcia Bernal as Jack Russell, and Laura Donnelly as the iconic monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. In an interview with The Wrap, Donnelly got a chance to talk about if we might see her return in a future project and to further explore the more comic-accurate version of the comics moving forward.

Yes, certainly. The thing that I love about this particular story for Elsa is that we get such a sense that we’re only at the beginning of something for her; she’s not introduced as the character that we know from the comics. It’s her pre-that or maybe she has been that and something has happened — we don’t know. And so it does feel like it’s only this little taster of many, many layers that are there underneath and a huge backstory.

Laura Donnelly

She goes on to highlight she’s definitely down for more exploration of Marvel Studios’ horror corner and especially to reunite with Bernal.

Any opportunity to explore [a follow-up], I would leap at, and I would also love to explore that relationship between Elsa and Jack as well. That’s just one that is just touched on and you see the beginning of something blossoming and we don’t know what that is. And I love working with Gael. I would be very, very happy to — just call me.

Laura Donnely

With no news about when we’d see them next, there’s hopefully a chance that Bloodstone could be our guide through the horror corner of this franchise, especially with how many iconic characters there are that could be explored in other Halloween specials. Still, we’ll have to wait a little longer until we get more news on what Marvel Studios has planned for these characters.

Source: The Wrap

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