‘FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER’ Set Pictures Tease a Globetrotting Adventure

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is still filming in Prague, and we’ve been anxiously waiting for some kind of sign of life from the project. It is crazy to think it originally was going to air back in August. Now, they are still trying to wrap up the shots that were missing since the Disney+ series was halted earlier in the year. We still know very little about the team behind the productions or any details on where this series will take us. The first teaser trailer did tease a global adventure. Luckily, a local site was nice enough to share some pictures from the set that confirm a part of the story will take place in Latvia. They also confirm that they are reusing locations from before the quarantine, so this might be trying to finish the sequence that got interrupted.

The Instagram video also comes with a comment that confirms Anthony Mackie is present during filming.


They do confirm that Prague will be used as a stand-in for two locations, the previously-mentioned Latvia and an unknown Middle Eastern location. The site brings up that Matthew J. Lloyd is acting as a cinematographer, but GWW once revealed P.J. Dillon in that role. Right now, we can’t confirm if this may end up being true. Lloyd has a history with Marvel Studios, as he worked on Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is briefly mentioned in the comments of one Instagram picture but nothing is confirmed. So, our main focus will remain on the set pictures. As I live in Europe, I am glad to see our architecture and cities represented in these projects. It is an interesting choice to use Prague as a stand-in for a Middle Eastern country, but the first image above may be the one they are referencing. Falcon and the Winter Soldier has no release date as of now, so hopefully, we get a trailer in the coming months teasing this globetrotting adventure.

Source: Fandíme Filmu, Instagram (Set), Instagram (Cinematographer), GWW

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