Disney+’s ‘Andor’ Was Originally Going to Run for 5 Seasons

disney plus andor

Here’s an interesting revelation, but it looks like the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series Andor was already mapped out ahead of production on its first. While we still have no release date, the Director of Photography, Adrian Goldman, revealed in an interview with TVCultura that the series was originally mapped out with five seasons in mind. Now, it seems that they have decided to go with three instead. It’s uncertain why exactly the change was made, as he doesn’t elaborate on it. The full quote, as translated by Bespin Bulletin, is as follows:

The series I worked on was supposed to be five seasons long, but I think it’s not happening. It will now have three maybe.

Adrian Goldman

Bespin also adds that they’ve heard that multiple seasons were planned and the timing of it taking place five years ahead of Rogue One was quite deliberate. They may have noticed it is difficult to fill out a story for each year and adapted it depending on what stories they wanted to tell. They also are seemingly focusing on filming the seasons back-to-back so they will get these out at a decent pace over the coming years. It’s certainly exciting to know that many more Star Wars series are heading our way and Disney+ is also continuing to offer a balance between long-running shows and mini-series.

Source: Twitter via Bespin Bulletin

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