UPDATE: Ed Boon Denies ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Bruce Campbell Addition

Update: Looks like series creator Ed Boon took to Twitter yesterday to deny the confirmation of Bruce Campbell joining Mortal Kombat 11. In a tweet, he stated that many of the leaks are wrong with the video in question attached. There has been much discussion around the addition of Ash Williams to the game. At one point, it was heavily rumored until some pointed to RoboCop being added instead due to rights issues. Hopefully, one day we will see the icon join the franchise.


It has been getting crazy with how easy information gets online about upcoming releases or DLC. Mortal Kombat 11 is the next on the chopping block. This time data miner thethiny got their hands on the games’ files that revealed a total of 19 DLC characters. Unlike the Marvel’s Avengers data leaks, these don’t name the various characters. As such, it is likely possible that this includes the first Kombat Pack and the Aftermath DLC. Still, that means 10 more are currently planned. It was already teased that fan-favorite Mileena would be included but the rest were uncertain.

That’s not where this story ends. the voice actor behind Raiden, Richard Epcar recently held an Instagram live video to answer questions. During this video, he may have accidentally leaked another fan-favorite addition to the game’s roster. He openly states that Bruce Campbell will appear in the game in the next Kombat pack. The only thing that isn’t confirmed is if he will return as his Evil Dead character, Ash Williams.

Ash makes a lot of sense as an additional character. We’ve seen some amazing additions of third-party characters in MK11. As Epcar points out, Peter Weller returned to voice his iconic character RoboCop for the game. They even were allowed to recreate Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Terminator with his face. Sadly, he did not voice the character as well. Either way, Campbell is a fantastic addition to the game. There may be a chance that Epcar was only informed that they plan on adding him but he seemed pretty sure it was already a done deal. We will see if they announce him as part of the next Kombat Pack in the coming weeks.

Source: GameRant (DLC), GameRant (Bruce Campbell), YouTube

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