Robert Eggers Teases His Next Film After ‘The Northman’

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Robert Eggers has made quite the splash in the industry with his work in his films The Witch and The Lighthouse. Now, he is also going to leave his imprint on Viking stories with The Northman, which sees Alexander Skarsgard in the role of Amleth on a path of vengeance. While he seems quite proud of his story, he still has openly talked about the hardships of not only working with a larger budget but also the stronger involvement of the studio. So, in an interview with CQ, he highlights that he’s moving his focus to a smaller production once again.

Right now, I definitely want to do something smaller, where it won’t be as painful, or I’ll have full control. There’s always give and take and studio notes. There always is. There was on The Witch. I didn’t have this much gray hair when we wrapped photography. It’s all from post-production.

Robert Eggers

If you’re wondering what he might be focusing on, he highlighted that he definitely has no interest in filming something in the modern age. A big part of what he enjoys is “doing all this historical research” to bring his films to life. So, he goes on to highlight that he has a disconnect on filming modern technology.

If I was making a contemporary film, what am I supposed to do with myself? Obsess over wallpaper swatches, until my eyes fall out? It’s just not interesting. For whatever reason, it just does not inspire me. And you can’t shoot something that doesn’t inspire you.

Robert Eggers

He does hint that he’s been listening to “lots of lutes” as he is starting an Elizabethan phase. So, we might expect that era to become the main focus of his next story. So, we’ll see where his research leads him next, and taking a step back with his budget gives him a project that may lead to fewer grey hairs.

Source: GQ

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