‘Dune’ Returning to IMAX for a Limited Time After Leaving HBO Max

dune imax

It looks like Warner Bros. is excited about the success of Dune, which is currently on its way to becoming their second film to pass the $100M mark at the domestic box office. The film just left HBO Max, as it was still part of the streaming deal that Warner Bros. made last year. As around $50M of its income worldwide is from IMAX showings and domestically an impressive 20% of its total box office, it seems they want to use the chance to re-release it again for a limited time on December 3rd.

The film was specially shot for the format. So, it makes sense that they’d want to continue to bank on it. Select locations will even have a 1.43 aspect ratio vs. the usual IMAX offering of 1.90:1 that adds up to 40% more of the film’s picture. The film was shot with this format in mind, which Warner Bros. and Legendary banked on while advertising the film.

Of course, it was a bit of a conflict with the simultaneous streaming release, but Dune still has shown a strong box office holding. It currently still remains in the top 5 and was only pushed out of the top spot with the release of Eternals. It’ll be interesting to see if this additional screening will add a decent boost to its performance.

Source: Deadline

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