‘Fortnite’: Leak Reveals First Look at ‘God of War’ Kratos Skin

Looks like we have a brand new leak for Fortnite‘s latest season. Just a week ago, it was revealed that our favorite Mandalorian would be joining the latest season once Galactus tried to eat the planet. The Marvel event has come to a major turning point, as everyone faced the Celestial down with an army of Battle Buses. Before his defeat, he did manage to pull out the planet’s core which has thrown everything into chaos. It’s the perfect set-up for a brand new season of the popular Battle Royale game. Now that the new season has started, we are about to get one more legendary addition. @HYPEX, who is a well-known Fortnite leaker, has revealed the first look at Kratos skin for the game.

He looks fantastic and showcases how Fortnite’s aesthetic really works for almost any kind of franchise. I do wonder if we also get variations of his skin that pay tribute to the original trilogy, or they’ll stick with his iconic beard. Funny enough, he leaked it mere minutes after PlayStation prepared an entire audio presentation that teased his upcoming inclusion in the game.

It is uncertain if he might be an exclusive skin for the PlayStation. We could see each console get one exclusive character to join from their respective franchises. I am not sure though if we get Mario with some guns. There is also a good chance that the “Join the Hunt” tagline might be used to include a variety of characters from any kind of medium. Hunt could be a perfect way to add a skin for the Predator. They might just add Alien so everyone can replay the iconic showdown between the two. There is a lot of potentials, so who knows which direction this season might be heading.

Source: Twitter

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