Another ‘Hawkeye’ BTS Video Offers a Closer Look at Hailee Steinfeld

Just today, we finally got a great look at Hawkeye‘s brand new set. They were filming a sequence in the subway, which showcased Clint, Kate, and everyone’s favorite dog, Lucky. It was a tad bit blurry, but it finally confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld joined the cast as Kate Bishop. It is crazy to think that it still has never been officially announced, but after these videos made it online, we are sure to get that statement sooner rather than later. Luckily, once one video is out, more are sure to follow, and it looks like @HSteinfeldNews got an even better look at the sequence that is taking place in the subway.

That close up pretty much confirms it is her. It is also great seeing her run around with the bow in her hand. Also, if you look closely, the shirt she is wearing under her mantle is her iconic purple as well. It seems they are on the run. They certainly seem impatient about jumping on that subway, or Jeremy Renner is just freezing. Also, it looks like Lucky will be part of the action. Perhaps he is on the hunt for some pizza. We’ll see how this all fits together once the show releases, but it’ll be interesting where else they might be filming.

It’s crazy seeing some of these BTS sequences. After a year filled with delays and cancellations, it is good to know that they are still hard at work on future shows. We will see if we can get more shots from the set as they continue to film in NYC. She-Hulk and Moon Knight are going to start production in the coming months. So, we might get some glimpses from that as well. Now, if only we could already watch WandaVision.

Source: Twitter

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