‘Dune’ Spinoff Recasts and Adds New Director

dune spinoff

Dune’s second part is about to release in theaters later this year, but there is also a spinoff that seemingly was in development hell long since the first film was released in theaters. Now, it seems that Dune: The Sisterhood finally getting some momentum as they enter a second try on the project.

The Crown’s Olivia Williams is now set to take over the role of Tula Harkonnen, which originally was going to be played by Shirley Henderson before she left the project in February. They also have added a new director Anna Foerster set to take on multiple episodes and the pilot, which she is taking over from Johan Renck.

The story is set to further explore the galaxy introduced by Frank Herbert in his Dune book series. Dune: The Sisterhood would take place 10,000 years before Paul Atreides’ journey as we follow the Harkonnen Sisters, who would found the sect of Bene Gesserit. The story will be an adaptation of Sisterhood of Dune, which was written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Source: Deadline

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