Evan Peters Joins ‘Tron 3’

Evan Peters has signed on to star alongside Jared Leto in ‘Tron 3.’

Evan Peters is heading to the grid. The Hollywood Reporter announced on Wednesday that the actor, who is coming off Netflix’s Dahmer, will star in Tron: Ares. Peters joins the previously announce Jared Leto, who will play Ares, the manifestation of the program. According to the trade, it’s currently unknown exactly what character Peters will play; they did note, however, the script calls for a “soldier” on the grid, that happens to be an “awkward gamer” in real life.

Tron: Ares, which is the third film in the Tron franchise, has been in the works for a long, long time. The first Tron film, which starred Jeff Bridges, was released in 1982 and focused on Bridges’ video game designer Kevin Flynn who is transported inside his creation. The sequel, Tron: Legacy, came out in 2010 and starred Garrett Hedlund, as Flynn’s son, and Olivia Wilde. The film also brought back Bridges, but the it failed to secure the box office the studio had hoped for. Still, a third film was planned, and over a decade later, it’s finally in the works.


Source: THR.

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