‘Cars on the Road’ Director Reflects on History with the Franchise

cars on the road

Pixar’s Cars franchise is making its grand return with the upcoming Cars on the Road Disney+ series. It sees the return of franchise veterans Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable guy to voice Lightning McQueen and Mater once again, as they make their way on a crazy road trip like no other. They aren’t the only veterans returning, as the series has a directing trio behind it that has all worked on the franchise since the first one was released back in 2006.

Steve Purcell, Brian Fee, and Bobby Podesta have a long history with their work on the series, and when discussing how they approached the project during the Disney+ series’ official press conference, Fee got a chance to reflect on how their history with t. He also highlighted how knowing these characters and working for so long, they could still bring in their unique perspectives.

We all three go back to Cars One. So, it’s in our DNA. It’s in our blood. We were all in story on Cars One. Bobby was also in animation. So, we’re all just so heavily rooted into these characters. It’s like these characters are part of our family and we all understand them, you know, on that level. So, I think it almost took care of itself as far as how do we make sure they’re in line enough. So, how are we representing, you know, what people expect from this franchise? And then I think the beauty, for me anyways, the joy of working, directing with these guys is we all have slightly different personalities.

Brian Fee

It definitely sounds like the series will be a Cars entry through and through, even with the new format. It also helps to have the original voices for its leads back, as they embark on a different kind of story. Who knows if this potentially opens up many other spinoff series from the Cars universe, especially as each of the directing trio might potentially add their own voices to explore new corners of the franchise.

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