EXCLUSIVE: Georgina Campbell Teases What’s Under the House in ‘Barbarian’

In an exclusive interview with actress Georgina Campbell, she teases what is under the house in ‘Barbarian.’

Barbarian is set to hit theaters fairly soon, and somehow, the film’s marketing has managed to keep most of its plot a secret from audiences. Trailers have shown the basic premise of the movie, which revolves around a woman arriving at her AirBnB to discover it’s already housing a total stranger, but only hints have been made towards the true evil waiting inside. Is Bill Skarsgard‘s mysterious inhabitant the biggest threat 476 Barbary has to offer, or is there something far more terrifying lurking in the basement?

In an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, star Georgina Campbell teased what viewers can expect to see when they sit down for this year’s most unpredictable horror project. When asked what it was like to be on set for the crazier parts of the film, Campbell worked her way around the question, but still revealed a little bit of information on what’s under the house:

Yeah, it’s so hard to talk about without spoilers, but everything that goes on down there was incredible. Like, y’know, the design – I guess I’ll say there’s a creature, an entity – and it was very beautifully designed and very scary.

Georgina Campbell

The former Krypton actress continued, joking about what it was like between takes when her and the “entity” were not in character:

It’s funny, because when you’re on set and you’re acting, y’know, everything’s going. But then there’s so much time in-between where we’re all sat around and having a chat and talking about the weekend. So those moments were very surreal. [laughs] Yeah, it was very strange. It took some getting used to.

Georgina Campbell

Campbell then laughed about the imagery of the “creature” casually sipping coffee beside her, a concept that could be compared to the popular picture of Jamie Campbell Bower‘s Vecna on the set of Stranger Things. Hopefully, once the film is in cinemas, a few shots like this can be released by the cast and crew. Until then, audiences will have to wait until September 9th to see it for themselves on the big screen.

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