‘Joker’ Sequel Adds Catherine Keener as Production Eyes December Start

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Many were surprised when 2019’s Joker suddenly got a sequel announced by Warner Bros. Discovery, especially during their current trend of reshaping their DC universe. Either way, the moment it was hinted that the series would act as a musical with Lady Gaga joining Joaquin Pheonix, expectations certainly were set. They will be joined by Brendan Gleeson and Zazie Beez, but have not also added Catherine Keener in an unspecified but major role. Production is expected to start in December based on a script co-written by Scott Silver and returning director Todd Phillips.

The project is shaping up to be one of DC’s most curious sequels. Not only is it continuing a story that seemed singular in design but given its success on a small budget, Warner Bros. Discovery’s focus on the bottom line must see the cash opportunity. Phillips has been on a high since his work on the 2019′ film as an auteur and has quite an interesting background as the director of The Hangover trilogy. Perhaps he has a chance to make a second trilogy with the Joker films.

We’ll see what role Keener might have in the project. There’s the possibility that the film will once again pay tribute by basing its story around some classics. She could have a quasi-villainous role or even be someone that is quite close to Lady Gaga’s character, who is heavily implied to be Harley Quinn. We can only theorize for now.

Source: Deadline

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