EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Clayton on Reinventing Pinhead in ‘Hellraiser’

Classic horror remakes don’t always stick the landing but when they do, it’s a remarkable feat. This year’s Hellraiser reboot does exactly that, delivering new thrills for the modern audience while reinventing the franchise. At the center of this film is Jamie Clayton‘s Pinhead, who succeeds Doug Bradley’s original version in more ways than one.

We sat down with Clayton and asked about her process of reinventing the character. Clayton credits much of her performance to director David Bruckner‘s vision.

It was wild. It was unlike anything I’d ever done. This role was the biggest challenge for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Luckily, I had David [director] who literally one of the most amazing directors I’ve worked with. So generous with his time and ideas. We had many conversations about what the Hell Priest’s intentions were. What she would be feeling and thinking at every given moment. David gave me the room to play on set and we tried lots of different things and moments. He would direct me in a way that was so patient. I’m so happy that it’s me.

Clayton’s incredible performance should only lead to more appearances in brand-new Hellraiser films. The look, voice, and gravitas she brings to the role are what makes the film ultimately sing. Without Clayton, the film wouldn’t have had the same reception at all.

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