‘DOOM PATROL’ Review: Episode 2.07 “Dumb Patrol”

Never being one to stray from the most illogical of choices, ‘Dumb Patrol’ proves that they don’t have a care in the world, and with this type of freedom skies the limit, and as usual it pays off. ‘Dumb Patrol’ may not be the best episode of the season but it furthers the point that ‘Doom Patrol’ can do quite literally anything and still show us focus on and develop these characters that we’ve all become so attached too in such boisterous ways. With the impending threat of the Candlemaker still looming over the team and Chief’s life slowly fading from him, will they be able to wrap it up by the end of this quickly fleeting second season?

Review: Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 7,

Following the return of Vic Stone, accompanied by Roni Evers, to Doom Manor, they’re met with the arrival of a mysterious crate from the illusive and mysterious Willoughby Kipling. Once opened Vic, Roni, and Larry, are infected with Shants, side affects? the uncontrollable urge to make bad decisions, weirdly Jane (currently hosted by new primary and recently resurrected Miranda). Once infected they must go into the canvas and find the Shant queen to break the irresistible impulse to do make a bad choice. This happens to be one of the more lighthearted episodes and didn’t hesitate to keep it meta, with the return of a semi nude Beard Hunter, dressed in Teen Titans Go underwear with a cartoon Beast Boy slapped on the back, while it wasn’t what fans had in mind when they asked to see Beast Boy and Cyborg on screen together, it was pretty funny. When asked where Mr.Nobody happened to be, Beard Hunter mentioned that he picked up a gig on some animated show, they then proceed to project an advertisement for Harley Quinn, another show on DC Universe in which Alan Tudyk, who played Mr.Nobody, voices Joker. This really puts the spotlight onto Vic and Roni’s relationship, acknowledging how fast they’re moving and how little they really know each other, and just how dangerous that can be for a guy like Cyborg.

Still dwelling on the acts of her mother and questioning the past life that she so proudly presented to all those who crossed her, has thrown herself into the role of the beekeeper in the towns local production of the events of the pilot episode. Rita’s subconscious has pushed her deep into this role, she believes that she needs to really dig deep and prove that she has the talent and the ability to really bring a character to life even if its even the smallest of roles. This is the only way for her to really deal with what she witnessed as a child and without the ability confront her mother she must thinks this is the way to really deal with what has been eating her up inside. It’s not until the end of the episode when she is able to successful hone her elastic abilities and thwart a mugging that Rita finally begins to feel as if she had done something her self and has found a new path to travel in life.

It’s the how the episode ended that really stuck with me, Chief’s journey through Yukon to find answers as to the origins of the Candlemaker and why Dorothy must carry this burden. When he comes face to face with the ugly truth. Chief is faced with a decision he had been dreading to make, learning that the Candlemaker was created and bestowed upon Dorothy by Oyewah’s people, Niles doesn’t see much of a choice anymore and in the final moments of these episode, Nile’s meeting with Kipling ends with a uncommon silence for the show, almost if Nile’s last light had went out and he has just about lost his world, like a candle being extinguished.

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